Sometimes finding an emo soulmate is a real pain. Depending on the area in which you live, the emo population can be little or none. So where should single emo girls go to meet single emo guys? Well, here are some ideas.

# 1.) School

Whether it’s in high school or college, there are likely to be some single emo guys roaming the campus. And what better place to feel good to a boy than a place where you see him every day.

# 2.) The mall

By far the second largest, and sometimes even the largest, concentration of emo guys can be found in the mall. This is a single emo girl haven for at least some really nice visual candy. I have yet to go to the mall and not see at least one hottie walking around with her best friends. And if you are lucky, her best friends will be beautiful too.

# 3 parts

This one is hit or miss, depending on how big the party is and who’s throwing it. The parties are ideal for all kinds of single people to get together and mingle with people who do not belong to their normal social group, boys and girls from other schools, and people who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet.

# 4) The skate park

There are a few other places where single emo girls can meet single emo guys. Skate Park is another hit or miss. There are usually mostly, if not only, men there so it can be a bit awkward to go unless you have a friend to go with, but it can be worth it sometimes.

# 5.) Starbucks

Ironically, Starbucks is another great place for single emo girls to meet single emo guys. The best ones to see are the ones attached to Barnes and Nobles. Most of the time, the hot emo guy is the one behind the counter making your coffee.

# 6.) Concerts

This should be a no-brainer. Emos like concerts like everyone else. If you are going to see a popular emo band, chances are high that you will hit the jackpot of hot emo boys.

If you had no idea before, now you have something to start with. So the next time you’re bored on a Saturday, find one of your other single friends, jump in the car, and check out these typical emo kid spots. Who knows, after doing the rounds, you might not end up single.

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