If you want to get your email marketing off to a good start, it helps to think like the pros. There aren’t many rules with email marketing and it’s important to find your winning approach. That said, if you start with these ideas in mind, you’ll skip a lot of pain.

Habit 1: Always add value

Suppose your reader is busy. Also assume that they are upset and looking to take it out on someone. If you do this, you will write emails the right way.

You will be entertained.

You will be useful.

What you won’t be is annoying, wordy for no reason, insulting, or a waste of time.

Every email you send should be valuable. It must offer a unique insight or provide something useful.

I know a seller who had not realized this. He would send a weekly email talking about what he is doing and the latest offers. The problem was that this only changed about every month, which meant he was sending the same email, word for word, three times in a row.

Sometimes it is necessary to say the same thing more than once. That doesn’t mean you have to say it the same way. Keep it up to date and reward the reader for opening your email.

Habit 2: Focus on success and forget about losers

Let’s say you create an awesome snippet to drive subscribers to your list.

Then you see someone subscribe, download your snippet, and unsubscribe 20 minutes later.

You may be tempted to get angry and start rethinking things.

Whose. You can forget about people like that. Gift seekers won’t buy from you anyway, so who cares?

Focus on making sales. If a bunch of subscribers opt out of your list but you make record sales, that’s a win.

Focus on building the relationship. Someone might be undecided now and that’s okay. Give them time, keep offering value, and they’ll probably buy later. And if not, who cares, right?

If your readers trust you more and more, then email marketing is working. If you’re making sales, then it’s working. Forget people who just want your free snippets – they are not worth thinking about.

Habit 3: Learn from the best

Who are the best email marketers in your niche?

Who are the best on the planet?

Have a reading of your emails. Subscribe to their list. Notice what they say and how they say it. Compare their scrap with yours.

what can you learn from them?

What should you not learn from them, because it won’t work for you?

Trust me, top marketers often ask this question too. Marketing is always changing, so even the best know they need to keep learning.

Habit 4: Find your unique voice

I said learn from the best. I didn’t say imitate them.

When you study top marketers, you’ll notice that many fans imitate their style. I do not recommend it

For one thing, it doesn’t work.

For another, it is more difficult than deciphering your own voice.

Pay attention to how you speak in person. How is your energy? Are you an optimist or a curmudgeon? What weird phrases do you like to use?

Write your emails like this.

Yes, you want to appear professional. Definitely do that. However, you also want to appear human.

Habit 5: Be reliable and consistent

If you say you’ll email five times a week, send one email five times a week.

If you imply that you will add value with each email, do so.

Consistency is key. Is it the most important? I don’t know, but if you are constant and live long enough, success is guaranteed.

Habit 6: Sell

Your email marketing exists to sell. This is part of the value you add to the world. If your product or service helps people, then you need to convince them to buy.

Yeah, you get something out of it.

But they too. If there is a mutual benefit and you are transparent about it, then it is the most ethical thing to do.

Some people sell with every email they send. Others like to break it up with useful content. It’s up to you to find out, although you’ll notice that I sell with each of these. However, no matter what you choose, don’t let a week go by without selling something to your list.

If they don’t like it, they can leave. Say goodbye, according to Habit 2.

Habit 7: Keep growing your list

Over time, people will opt out. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how awesome your emails are. Happens.

This means that you still need new subscribers, even if you want to keep your numbers stable.

You need to keep growing just to stay in the same place.

A portion of your marketing efforts should be devoted to acquiring subscribers. Between writing sales letters and sending emails to your list, you need to go out into the world to find new readers.

Put your ethical fragment in front of them. Move him with enthusiasm until he can’t resist anymore.

But remember, not all subscribers are the same. Go where your ideal customers live: Visit their Facebook forums and groups, and if you’re not against the group’s terms, invite people to subscribe.

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