In the same way that Amazon and eBay have helped many to start, develop and run an e-commerce business, this same help is now available to start a staff business.

There are now more than two million third-party sellers on Amazon. The infrastructure found on Amazon and eBay is plug_ and_ play for everyone trying to claim their stake on these sales platforms.

With this in mind, the traditional route for those looking for an opportunity to start their own staffing business included the need for a large injection of capital, a payroll system, access to high-cost workers’ compensation insurance, and many others. costs that were prohibitive for most people. enter the industry.

Many of those with the resources to enter the staffing industry often turn to high-cost staffing franchise companies that enjoy a large portion of the profits over the life of the business. This relationship can become strained over time and at some point the operator may feel that they are contributing more to the franchise than the franchise is contributing to the operator. When this occurs, separation from the company can become complicated and may even end in litigation.

The simplicity of Amazon and eBay and their policies are a huge draw for many looking to sell products online. There are no long-term deals or costs that can easily cripple a new business. Being able to be flexible in a new company is always a great asset and both platforms allow it.

This flexibility platform is now available to the world of staffing and has more than 150 companies using this unique business model to grow companies of impressive size, many of which exceed one million in turnover in the first year. With more than 500 million under management in less than 10 years in operation, one can see that this is becoming a great alternative to going it alone or signing a long-term agreement with a franchisee.

What you get on the platform:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance without liability for the operator.
  • An unlimited source of funding for all payroll and customer billing.
  • A complete back-office for all management and personnel needs.
  • Access to professionals with over 40 years of staffing experience.

With all the boxes checked, this platform can be summed up as Amazon or eBay from the staffing industry. If risk mitigation is high on your list for starting a prosperous and sustainable business, there are few options that can match what is now available.

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