All adults can think of voting issues and concerns that are important to them. The same is true for college students and first-time voters. However, new voters can overlook important voting issues unless pointed out to them.

Since presidents make decisions on many hundreds of important issues each year, students must make their voting decisions on a wide variety of issues that concern them and our nation. Holding a presidential election is important and should not be based on just a few issues. This is because the president’s job is far-reaching and affects many state, national, and global issues that should not be ignored.

When college students and others are looking for an objective way to decide how to vote in November, the following list of questions can help. However, there is no reason why voters cannot add more topics to the list below. For now, students can start here:

Who will do the best job on the issues that concern you?

(Print this form, then circle Trump or Biden after each item.)

1. TB will be honest, truthful and trustworthy

2. Demonstrate TB character and integrity

3. It will perform in a way that will greatly benefit our country TB

4. It will strengthen the economy and reduce unemployment TB

5. The number of well-paying US jobs will increase TB

6. Treat all Americans fairly and in the same way.

7. Respect and support our laws and justice system TB

8. You will always show respect and abide by our TB Constitution

9. It will greatly strengthen the TB infrastructure of our country

10. We will build better relationships with our TB allies

11. We will quickly and firmly confront countries that interfere with our elections, use the Internet to create discord, or work to harm our country, our people and our way of life TB

12. Treat everyone with Respect and Dignity TB

13. We will strongly support our military and national security TB

14. Take steps to bring the people of this nation closer to TB

15. Respect and protect the environment TB

16. Make decisions based on science, facts and TB data.

17. You will listen to and trust the TB experts and advisers

18. Will hire only fully qualified individuals for positions in the TB administration

19. They will wait for Govt. Officials who tell you the truth and give you facts or examples when they disagree with you TB

20. Minimize politics in all decisions and TB actions

21. It will focus on the betterment of all the people of our country TB

22. You will not act as if you are above the TB law

23. You will not use the Attorney General or the Department of Justice. to help friends and punish enemies TB

24. You will not do, say or support the things that racists and bigots defend tuberculosis.

25. Restore our country as a respected world leader TB

26. Allow and support peaceful and lawful marches and protests TB

27. You will develop well-thought-out strategies to deal with tuberculosis problems.

28. We will establish and implement a national strategy to end the COVID-19 pandemic and how we will attack future TB pandemics

29. Will fully support the democratic values ​​of our country TB

30. Will lead our country in a presidential and dignified mansion TB

31. He will not abuse his power as president TB

32. You will understand that you are expected to set a good example for the people of our Country. TB

33. It will lead our country to a better place in the next four years TB

34. He will not forgive convicted criminals who have tampered with witnesses and lied to both the FBI and Congress, in an effort to cover up President TB’s own activities

35. You will clearly explain the values ​​that you will support with your TB actions

36. Be intellectually competent and seek advice and information from respected advisers, diplomats, experts and leaders. TB

37. Will include several ordinary citizens in TB counseling positions

38. Will always set and follow the highest standards of behavior and performance TB

39. It will always put the American people and our country ahead of partisan politics TB

40. Hold yourself and your people accountable for ethical behavior TB

41. It will make the needs of the middle class a high priority tuberculosis

42. You will build strong, ongoing, working relationships with people in all areas of the TB political spectrum.

43. We will often seek commitments that improve the needs of our country TB

44. Facilitate, encourage and trust the work of the TB Congress

45. We will take steps to make our government work the way it was envisioned by our founding fathers TB

46. ​​He will live to achieve things that benefit all Americans, not just himself, his friends, his rank and file, or his political party TB

47. Will rebalance federal income tax rates to help middle-class tuberculosis

48. Will live to improve race relations in our country TB

49. Quickly present an affordable health care plan for anyone who needs TB health insurance

50. Address issues such as education, job training, hunger, homelessness and poverty in the United States TB

51. Encourage Congress to commit to and agree to a border security solution TB

52. They will expect Congress to commit and agree to a comprehensive immigration policy TB

53. Will proposes a deadline for Congress to commit and agree on a humanitarian way for Dreamers to stay in this TB Country

54. Lobby Congress and state governments to address the problems of gun violence that exist in this country TB

55. Treat all women with respect and dignity. Therefore, over the next four years, you are less likely to be charged with current or past cases of TB sexual misconduct.

56. Demonstrate understanding and empathy through their words, actions and decisions TB

57. He will distance himself from Vladimir Putin and other TB dictators

58. You will put a much greater degree of trust in our TB Intelligence Gathering Agencies

59. It will restore confidence and trust in our government. Agencies, they don’t constantly do and say things that undermine them TB

60. You will create a legacy that will be the envy of future TB presidents

Your Results

How often did you surround Trump? _____

How often did you surround Biden? _____

Last words

Students have the privilege, right, and obligation to help shape our future. By looking back over the past few years and developing a good understanding of the many voting issues, college students put themselves in a position to make an objective and informed decision. That is essential.

Students must assume some responsibility for the future of our country. Your votes can determine what will happen next. It is part of growth.

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