Every time your Xbox 360 freezes up, I’m sure, as I am, that your temper gets the better of you. This may be one of the most annoying issues you will ever face with your console. I know that I personally have been prone to bouts of extreme rage and have ended up with a broken Xbox 360 due to my anger.

The main reason why your Xbox 360 freezes is due to overheating. In fact, most of the problems you will face with your Xbox will come from excessive heat. Usually, what you would do to fix your broken Xbox 360 is just turn it off. Leave it for a while to cool down and then turn it on again. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work.

In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time researching why Xbox 360 freezes and how you can fix it. Now I will introduce you a little trick to fix your broken Xbox 360 every time the screen freezes.

– First locate the system section in your console

– Next you must select the memory and then the hard drive so you can see the device options. Then press Y.

– You should then press X twice and then the LB button immediately followed by the B button. Finish this process by pressing X 2 more times.

– You should then get a prompt confirming that system maintenance is required, and finally press A to confirm.

So it’s just a case of waiting to see what happens.

The most common solution whenever your Xbox 360 freezes is to send your console back to Microsoft. However, your warranty will usually only cover red light issues, and so if you want to get your broken Xbox 360 fixed, you’ll usually have to pay $140 plus shipping. Another problem that you can incur is that the return of your console can take up to 3 months. Are you really willing to live without your console for so long and also pay more than $140 to fix your broken Xbox 360?

This is where the introduction of step-by-step repair guides has become a lifesaver for many Xbox gamers. You can usually find these repair guides online and download them right away and they should help you fix most problems with your console, even when your Xbox 360 freezes up.

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