Ever since computers became mainstream, consumers have been looking for ways to speed them up. Whether you are a business user or a regular PC user, you would probably like to know how to clean your machine and make it work better and faster. A host of programs and tools have promised to do just that over the years, but most have been completely useless, if not directly malware or spyware. Fortunately, there is Avast Cleanup. It really DOES deliver what it promised.

Avast, of course, is not a new company. It has been one of the biggest names in computer security for years. Its antivirus products have always been considered among the best by experts. Now, it offers this handy premium tool to help optimize PC performance.

It can be very irritating to see that you are running out of disk space. Instead of having to decide which programs to uninstall, you can use this cleanup tool to remove tons of leftover junk files from apps, browsers, and Windows itself. There are literally hundreds of popular apps that it is programmed to remove useless junk from.

There are a variety of features, such as sleep mode, which is a proprietary tuning method that involves putting all resource-depleting programs into hibernation to help make your computer feel like new again. The browser cleaner removes leftover cookies and browsing traces from all possible browsers, including IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

Additional Avast Cleanup Features and Tools

• Shortcut Cleaner

• Disc cleaner

• 1-click maintenance

• Registry cleaner

• Center of action and adjustment of the board

• Removal of bloatware

Premium is available for 1, 2, or 3 years for 1, 3, 5, or 10 PCs. There is an option to include Avast Driver Updater and / or Avast SecureLine VPN (multi-device) in the order.

The good news is that you don’t need to order Premium right away, as there is a free trial available to download, install, and try.

Please note that Avast Cleanup is VERY comprehensive. It is programmed to analyze and clean various parts of your computer: Internet caches, old downloads, temporary files, memory dumps, unused cookies, and even Chkdsk file fragments. It’s amazing how much data all of this can add up. When there is enough space on the hard drive, it is easier for the PC to run better and faster.

It is recommended that you make full use of the Avast Cleanup free trial period. Test all of its features to make sure it really cleans your computer and gives it a good “fit.”

If you’re satisfied and decide it’s for you, take advantage of Avast Cleanup discounts and offers so you can get it at a truly affordable price. It’s always easy to get Avast products without spending a lot of money thanks to all the promotional offers.

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