Carbon Fiber Body Kits For Your Porsche

In the automotive world, body kits, also known as ground effects, are a popular modification that not only add a unique style to your vehicle but can also help improve its performance on the track. These upgrades are made of either polyurethane or carbon fiber and are a great way to increase the downforce of your vehicle which will help you stick to the road and drive faster in turns and straight lines.

When it comes to full carbon body kits, the German company TECHART offers a variety of options that will give your 911 a more aggressive look while also improving its aerodynamics. Their GT3 RS carbon fiber sport package includes a front spoiler, louvers for the front air intakes, side air intake covers, the rear wing profile and winglets, the diffusor and the roof spoiler. Depending on your personal preference, these Buy Porshe full carbon fiber body kits parts can be painted or left in their natural finish.

If you want to make your Porsche even more unique, VAD Design has an impressive wide body kit that will increase the overall contact patch of your tires with the road. This will allow you to transfer more of your horsepower and torque to the road which will greatly enhance your driving experience. This particular kit can be mounted on the 997, Carrera C2, and C4S models as well as the Cayenne Coupe and Turbo.

Carbon Fiber Body Kits For Your Porsche 911

The Porsche Taycan is a new electric car that was designed to be as performance-oriented as possible. One Norwegian tuner has taken things a step further by giving the Taycan a massive carbon fiber makeover that will turn heads for sure.

To create the stunning makeover, Zyrus Engineering used a combination of high-tech and classic materials to give the car a more aggressive appearance. The company incorporated the classic Porsche 911 look while also using carbon fiber and titanium.

Unlike traditional fiberglass, the carbon fiber is much lighter and stronger which will improve the handling and speed of your Porsche. Additionally, the use of titanium will further reduce the weight of the body kit. These components are a perfect match for the power-to-weight ratio of the Taycan and will be sure to please any Porsche enthusiast.

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of their sports cars, Porsche has been experimenting with using bio-fibre composites on their racing cars. Last year, they built the two doors and rear wing of their 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR out of this sustainable material. This year, they expanded the line to include front and rear aprons, hood, front spoiler, trunk lid, and mudguards made of this renewable raw material. These non-structural parts are similar in weight and stiffness to their metal and plastic injection-moulded counterparts and still meet the same safety and quality standards.

To see how these new natural-fibre parts perform on the race track, Porsche partnered with four motorsport teams to put their bio-fibre racing cars through the paces at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This event will be the first time these natural-fibre components will have been tested on a series-produced racing car at such an intense speed.

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