The key is circular dating or rotation dating. Circle dating is about not putting your full attention on a man until he claims you. It’s about keeping your options open until you’re sure this guy is worth investing more time and energy into.

There are many variations of this dating tactic. One way is, let’s say you’re on an online dating site. You meet a guy and you like him. He may or may not call you back, or he may or may not see you as relationship material. You don’t run home and take down your profile and start dreaming about picket fences and babies. You go home and continue to communicate and set dates with other guys. You keep your options open. You go out with him again if he asks you, but you still meet other people for coffee etc.

If there is a guy you are dating who seems to be doing well and you would like him to be your boyfriend, this type of dating is an effective tool. Circle dating isn’t always about seeing other men, it’s about having men as friends and doing things with them and having a busy life. Men can sense when you are not putting your life on hold for them and find it intriguing and challenging. An independent woman in charge of her own happiness is good girlfriend material.

The key to circular dating is that you take the first offer and don’t wait for the man you like to hopefully make plans with you. The first offer could be dancing with your friends, going out to dinner with your mom, or dyeing your friends’ hair. It’s not always a date. If the one you like calls, you don’t change or alter your plans. This tells him that your time is valuable and that you want something from him, that he will have to up his game.

This is like a magnet for men. They are challenged and see you as more valuable. They are used to women changing and rearranging plans to be with them. The woman who doesn’t gets her attention and her attraction begins to increase.

Circle dating also helps you keep your sanity for that guy you may like who may not be that into you. If you follow the plan, well, you really won’t notice him as much if he doesn’t call you. He eliminates men who are not boyfriends and attracts those who are.

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