It is wonderful to have a good night’s sleep. Your mind and body feel so rested when you wake up. But if you have trouble falling asleep quickly, it can harm your body, mind, and spirit. So here are some tips on how to fall asleep quickly and easily.

Avoid taking a nap

Studies have shown that napping during the day can cause more trouble sleeping at night. That’s because it disrupts your circadian rhythm of sleeping and waking up. So while it is tempting to take a nap, try to avoid it.


A good tip to fall asleep is to read a book. Reading books helps eliminate those thoughts that may be interfering with your sleep pattern.

Counting sheeps

This may seem like a silly idea, but the concept of counting can lead to boredom, which could help you sleep. And sheep are pretty simple animals that can be counted without eliciting an emotional response.

Just counting

Counting backward from 100 to 1 or even forward from 1 to 4 over and over again can cause boredom. It helps to eliminate the problems of the day that may be occupying your mind.

Exercise during the day

Even if you sleep like a top at night, it’s good to exercise every day for at least a few minutes. There are several exercise regimens you can choose from, found online. Pick the one that best fits your schedule and try to stick with it.

Listen to relaxing music

By calming, I mean something like classic pieces of your choice. There are also online music options that you can download to your phone that are good for falling asleep. But try to avoid hard rock or something like that, or music that is too familiar to you and that makes you start singing your hum.

Lower the temperature in your room

Sometimes it is not easy to fall asleep quickly if it is too hot. That could be because your room is too warm or you are using an electric blanket. So it might be helpful to turn the thermostat down to a cooler temperature, below 70 ° F.

Eliminate noise

Sometimes this is difficult to do, especially if you have noisy neighbors, a snoring sleeping partner, or a barking dog. However, there are ear plugs that you can buy at the drugstore and they work well. Get the kind that expands in your ear because they help drown out noise.

Other ideas

You can also take melatonin, which is a pill that can help you sleep. You can take this during the day as a supplement if you wish. But keep in mind that melatonin sometimes causes nightmares.

There are other sleep aids that can be taken. But if you are taking other prescription medications, it is recommended that you check with your doctor before trying any.

And finally, there is meditation. Similar to counting what I mentioned earlier, you can try counting your breaths. But if you do this, it’s probably best to just count to four and try to breathe deeply and evenly when you do.

Hopefully, the above methods will help you fall asleep quickly. In any case, best wishes for a good night’s sleep.

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