Tired of dating teens who just want to get drunk and get laid, who can’t do much for you or themselves? You need an experienced and accomplished man. You want to meet a rich dad who can teach you how the world works, where money is made, and how to build a life for yourself. You want an express elevator to a rich life! Here are six tried and true tips and strategies to help you meet a rich man, make him notice you, become his sugar baby, and shower you with gifts and attention. And money.

Rich and successful men have seen their share of gold diggers and have a lot of experience in life. To attract one, you have to be smarter than the rest, you have to go to the right places and project the right personality to the rich men you meet. You have to be one in a million, or at least make it look like that. Make sure you look like a combination of beauty, intelligence, and personality. That’s how:

Find a job where wealthy clients come
Maybe a fancy restaurant or a golf club. Or a real estate agent for very expensive houses. It has to be something where you will be in direct contact with wealthy clients and where you will have the opportunity to speak to them. Remember to do your job efficiently, you don’t want to come off as lazy. Smile a lot, flirt, but not too obvious, and keep your gaze on them for just a second longer than usual. Your notebook will soon be full or the phone numbers and dinner invites of wealthy single men.

Get your look in top shape
Make no mistake, this is very important. You have to stand out from the crowd, you have to be the only face that attracts everyone. Exercise regularly, wear something that accentuates your figure but doesn’t reveal too much skin. And you always look your best, you want to project the image of health and beauty that will appeal to all red-blooded men.

Have a special ability, read good books
The idea, of course, is to show daddy that there is brains behind all the beauty. Find time to read classic books, watch classic movies, and occasionally include it in the conversation. Develop a skill, such as drawing, playing an instrument, or perhaps massaging your feet. Speaking a foreign language is an advantage, especially if it is not your mother tongue.

Work on your social skills
Learn to empathize, to listen, to have a conversation. There are many psychology courses and books on the subject, so do your research. Learn to tell jokes well and to memorize some. Take a body language recognition course. Be the perfect angel with beauty, intelligence and a good heart.

Volunteer at a charity, make a small donation every now and then
For one thing, it’s a good place to find a rich dad. You will also meet interesting people and something that matters. You don’t want to mention this to your sweet daddy on the first date, let it be something he will find out later. Something to seal the bond, something good about you that you didn’t brag about, but that he found out later.

Check out Sugar Daddy Dating Sites
Once you’ve covered all the basics about appearance, social skills, and personality, you may want to give Sugar Daddy specialized dating sites a try. You can use it as a practice area or find and connect with real wealthy singles. The tips here would be to add a lot of images, mention that you have a job so you don’t come across as lazy, and write a 300-word or so description of yourself. Add some photos of yourself working at a charity event, with the appropriate comments. The rules for being successful are a little different than when you get together for real, remember to be resourceful but decent with potential sugar daddies.

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