Those of you with kids may have a hard time serving up healthy kid-friendly recipes throughout the day. This can be especially problematic these days if your children have already developed some bad eating habits or if they are among friends who are constantly eating fast food and bags of chips.

Don’t worry though, with a little coaxing and vital teaching from you, you can open your children’s eyes to the wonderful world of healthy nutrition.

This is the perfect opportunity to educate your children about the importance of eating healthy and what the long-term repercussions can be if a person does not control what they eat. It is never too early to educate them on healthy nutrition in the hope that from your teachings they will grow up taking care of their bodies and never have to worry about health problems related to being overweight or obese.

Here are some healthy recipes for kids to start building their arsenal of foods that will lead to a nutritious and well-balanced life. As you explore these options, take note of what your family likes to eat and any additional possibilities you can think of. Often, simply tweaking a few ingredients can produce a whole new meal without a lot of extra work.

1. Meat bowl with pudding for dessert.

Grilled or baked meat strips/chunks layered with brown rice, beans, and any vegetables you know your family prefers. You can even add beans if you like, or potato wedges instead of rice. For dessert, a small helping of pudding with a drizzle of whipped cream and a cherry to top it off.

2. Grilled Chicken Wraps with Jello Dessert.

These can be great options to offer your family because, in addition to grilled chicken, you can include a variety of vegetables or other low-calorie options that will taste great, such as lettuce, beans, brown rice, tomatoes, onions, or even something shredded. fatty mozzarella cheese. Use a whole wheat tortilla instead of tortillas made with refined flour.

3. Whole wheat pasta with turkey meatballs and frozen yogurt dessert.

Instead of eating standard pasta made from enriched refined flour, opt for 100% whole wheat pasta, as it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, and high in fiber, so you’ll eat less to fill up. Ground turkey is also better for you than regular ground beef, or you can select the garden meat variety that is vegetarian to make your meatballs or gravy.

4. Soup and Salad.

There are a variety of soups such as vegetable, lentil, and minestrone that are healthy and great tasting. Spice up the kids by tossing them with a few golden biscuits and they’ll gobble it all up. A bowl of soup and a salad with your favorite ingredients and a light salad dressing, PRESTO… you have a healthy meal on your hands.

5. Tuna pita with applesauce dessert.

Whole wheat pita pockets provide the perfect “container” to fit a variety of healthy edibles inside, and the kids will treat it like a taco. Tuna with lettuce, olives and a bit of Parmesan cheese can be a great starting point.

The healthy kid-friendly recipes listed above are all much better and lower in calories than most of the fast food or pizza delivery options available around you. Use these meals as building blocks to think of other possibilities you could make for your children. Depending on how old your kids are (5 to 10), you may want to get a little creative with the presentation of the food. It’s the simple things that matter, so think about how you can present healthy food so that in the future they start asking you to cook this food again. Sometimes simply adding a decorative garnish, such as a fruit cutout or a crinkled orange or apple peel, can inspire your child to want to eat the food. If adding that little extra is all it takes to get them eating healthier, it’s worth the minute or two spent on the presentation.

If your kids are older (11-18), then you should definitely have a more serious conversation. You can even collect specific articles and images from the internet that will do wonders for motivation. Nothing works better than a graphical representation of coronary bypass surgery.

Keep in mind that as you build your library of healthy kid-friendly recipes, keep an ongoing cookbook where you continually add new healthy foods that your family enjoys. Pretty soon you’ll have a book full of healthy kid-friendly recipes, and if you want, you can even let your kids decide what meals to cook from the recipes you’ve collected. This way they will feel more connected with what is prepared and served that day.

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