It’s not particularly easy to make women instantly attracted to you, but you don’t have to rack your brain thinking of ways to do it, either. Really now, if other men can get women’s attention and date multiple women on a weekly basis, so can you! You just have to be patient and resourceful for girls to be attracted to you. Plus, you don’t need to rely on looks and wealth to kick-start your seduction game.

Sure, maybe not all men can do it, but I can assure you that those who get women to chase them have learned the secrets involved in the game of seduction. What am I talking about exactly? Read on for covert ways to make women fall for you in just a few minutes.

Trick #1. “Send to Many”

Has anyone ever told you that romance is all about numbers? It’s that simple, really. The more women you flirt with, the more likely you are to get dates on the weekend or the same night. If you really like your game, you won’t hesitate to say “next” when a woman isn’t coming off as cool as you want. If you can get some of the women you’ve approached to say yes, you’ll be pretty much sold for the next few weeks or so. Remember to never wallow in self-pity when you get rejected, because there are so many more women who would love to date you if you give them a good reason to love you.

Trick #2. “Forget the result and have fun!”

The most miserable type of failure is the one that stays with you for more than a day. Having said that, it’s probably best to point out that the biggest cause of this type of failure is rejection from a hot girl. Some guys shut down for a day due to a bad case of fear of girls. Let me let you in on a little secret that most players know: If you think about failing early on, you’re done before you get a chance to say your opening. Women can feel this negative emotion from men and end up ignoring men who show signs of fear of rejection. If you don’t want to be rejected, stop thinking about it.

Trick #3. “Sneaky Seduction Methods”

If you want to jump right into expert mode, you can! You just need to learn some hypnosis tricks that will make women say yes in just a few minutes of conversation. This method, called division in our world, it can make women spontaneously respond emotionally to you. Your natural abilities as a master of seduction will come in time, but if you want to take a shortcut, hypnosis is the key.

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