Having a hot friend who just won’t give you a chance is a situation I’m very familiar with! So we were in college, her name was Jessica! She was blonde, fit and had an angled face! She wanted Her so much! I finally got what she wanted and I’m going to reveal to you exactly what I did to get it!

I knew that the first thing I had to do was make myself more attractive in his eyes. I had no problem with my appearance, so I knew I had to change my behavior to attract her! As a good friend I have always been helping her emotionally. She came to me to tell me about other guys who don’t like her and other girls’ problems! He knew that if she continued like this he would never seduce her. So instead of being the good friend who listens to all her nonsense, I started ignoring her every time she tried to bring up her problems and changed the conversation to another happy topic.

The next thing I did was ask her out on a date with me. It’s like a date, but I didn’t call it that. We went to a jazz club and had a great time. We both got drunk and after 3 hours of dancing I took her to her house. You must be thinking that this is the end of the story? You’re wrong. If you sleep with your friend when she is drunk, she will never trust you again because you took advantage of her not being able to control herself. So I gave up sex that night and made sure she felt good!

I slowly saw that she started to act a little differently towards me. She started calling me more and not just for advice. She wanted to meet me and sometimes she even asked me out! I gave her some stupid excuses each time just to make her feel what she is when I’m not there for her! I wanted her to miss me even more than her, because when a girl misses someone, she increases her attraction to that boy!

About 3 weeks after this all started, I got a call from her. She called me to invite me to a coffee! We all know what it means! I want to go into detail about what happened there! So it was another successful seduction for me!

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