Choosing a bold color in any room is always a bit scary, but it can also add a touch and character to a home. Some rooms work best for bold, bright colors and others are best with soft, calming colors. A kitchen is one of those rooms that can handle bright colors, even red, whether it’s the red painted walls, or a combination or powered fixtures, or a combination of both.

Sure, it can be tacky if the color is overdone or too bright or even in too much space. But it can also be done with great taste and add a charm that makes the kitchen a star. A few different reds work well in kitchens, depending on the decor and feel the homeowner wants.

The cherry red makes for a great red kitchen. Whether on the walls or even on the cabinets with a bright white accent, it will brighten the room and give it a cheerful feeling. Many kitchen accessories are now available in red to play with the color, and with cherry, the accessories will go very well.

Another nice color is a darker red, like a garnet or burgundy. This makes for a more sophisticated look and works great as an accent paint color too, perhaps under a chair rail or just on a wall, paired with a more neutral beige. Deep red goes well with stylish appliances and d├ęcor.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be paint that makes a kitchen turn red. Use the accessories mentioned above, like a glossy stand mixer or vintage-style red bread box on the counter, or incorporate some red tiles into the backsplash or countertops. Red is said to boost energy levels, and that’s not a bad thing in a kitchen.

So the answer is no, a red kitchen is not in bad taste: bright, cheerful, sophisticated, energetic, yes, but in bad taste, no!

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