First, what is Dish Network?

Dish Network, owned by the Echostar company, is the second largest provider of satellite television in the United States. Dish Network offers up to 256 TV channels with a 100% digital image.

Broadcasting satellite licensed in 1987, Dish Network currently provides around 10 million satellite TV customers with its free Dish Network offering in the United States. With up to 256 TV channels served in three main packages (Dish Network All American Top 60s, 120s and 180s) and several free satellite TV sets, Dish Network is one of the best TV setups on the market today. Huge variety of programming, crisp digital picture, HDTV ready with SuperDISH packages and digital video recording.

Many online dealers claim that Dish Network satellite TV system is free, is it true?

Yes, absolutely free IF you are a first time customer! Priced at $1500, these satellite sets are totally free when you sign up for Dish Network. Satellite TV providers are fighting hard to win the fierce competition that they will give you all the equipment for free!

So how do they make money?

Simple enough: subscription fees. To get your free Dish Network Satellite TV, you must commit to a one-year subscription contract when you join Dish Network. In fact, this is the current trend in the satellite TV business: both Dish Network and DirecTV are making money through long-term subscription fees.

Why get it online?

The best satellite TV deals are usually found online. Because? Dish Network online retailers are the most aggressive satellite retailers because their operating cost is terribly low compared to brick-and-mortar stores. They are the only ones who can afford to bring you the best deals on Dish Network.

What is the best hardware configuration?

2 room setup, 3 room setup, HDTV setup…get confused?

The best hardware setup really depends on your eyesight and your location. Most people will be perfectly served by multiroom systems at this point. All the necessary equipment for up to 4 rooms, plus installation, plus Digital Video Recorders are yours to take, FREE.

In this package, with only $50 in initial fees (which will be credited to your account for the same amount), you are ready to enjoy your Dish Network. As mentioned above, these satellite TV sets have a lifetime warranty; You won’t have to worry about breaking receivers or dishes.

The same if you want to receive Dish Network HD programs. Until recently you had to buy special equipment (known as a Superdish) to receive high-definition signals. Now you don’t even have to: regular receivers (those that are given away for free) like the HD-811 and HD-DVR 921 can get all your HD content.

If you want to get international programming, Dish Network’s strong set, you’ll have to buy an additional satellite dish at the cost of $99 (as of this writing).

Do I need to install the dish myself?

No, you don’t need to do that. Dish Network retail workers will install your satellite system for you and it’s completely free. Instead of breaking a sweat, simply leave the installation to a professional. You will get an access card once your satellite dish system has been installed. The access card is like a license for your satellite system.

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