Photojournalism is a type of journalism that relies on images to tell a story. This is not a classic photograph, as the photographs taken are mostly or entirely related to a news item or an event. They are generally not for entertainment or appreciation, but rather to broadcast a news event.

These images must be relevant to society, informative and must be able to convey what is happening in the world. The images must also be of objective quality. It is very important that the photograph is relevant to the context of the story being reported.

The relevance of photojournalism in the media

Photojournalism is an important aspect for the media. For most people who read newspapers or watch the news, it is the photographs that summarize what has been written. This makes reading newspapers and news reports much more effective as now one can relate the news to real life scenes and fully understand what it must be like to be in that real place in that real moment. This especially applies to people who don’t like to read the newspaper or watch the news very much. For these people, it is the images that convey the news.


It’s not easy being a photojournalist. Very often, photojournalists have to risk their lives to bring news so that people can stay informed about what is happening.

Through the photographs they take, they are able to give information about events that have occurred in the world. We are given a glimpse of different people, what they do, places and other things through the images. This makes us more aware of society and its state.

How Technology Has Changed Photojournalism

Technology has vastly changed the face of photojournalism. Today, news can travel the world in just a few minutes. With the advent of videophones, the Internet, and excellent printing technology, photojournalism has become extremely popular.

This is why photojournalists have the responsibility to bring objective photographs. The downside of technological advancement is that people can now manipulate images. Ethics play an important role here. Codes of ethics have been established to address these issues. The code varies by country.

Photojournalism, as a profession, is serious work and demands attention and respect. After all, it is the photographs that accompany the news that really help us understand what is happening in the world. The profession of photojournalism requires a lot of patience, understanding and skill, and photojournalists should be appreciated accordingly.

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