This is the case of the ex-silent. When your girlfriend doesn’t talk to you after a breakup, it can become extremely difficult and frustrating to find a way to repair the relationship. Is there anything you can do to make her break her silence? Reading to the end of this article will reveal 3 easy-to-do tips to help you get your ex girlfriend to talk to you again and want you back.

3 Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend to Break Her Silence After a Breakup

make him wonder about you

One of the best and most effective ways to get your ex girlfriend to talk to you again after a breakup is to ignore her the same way she ignores you. She drives you crazy when she doesn’t talk to you, doesn’t she?


The reason is obvious. When she doesn’t talk to you, you constantly think about her. What is she doing? Is she dating someone else? Is she thinking of you? She misses you and she wants to fix things?

If you want your ex girlfriend to start talking to you again, make her ask about you the same way. Don’t email, don’t text, and don’t call. Break contact for a while.

She expects you to be desperate and chase her. If you don’t, she won’t be able to resist the urge to find out what’s wrong with you.

write him a letter

Another powerful way to get your ex girlfriend to talk to you again after a breakup is to write her a letter. Handwritten letters are very rare these days and will instantly arouse your curiosity.

Keep the letter short. First, apologize for anything you did wrong that may have caused the breakup, but be brief about it. Don’t get into a big sob story. Second, let your girlfriend know that you accept the breakup and agree that it is the right thing to do to give each other space. Third, let him know that you hope you can still be friends in the future. Once you’ve written the letter, follow the first step above and break contact for a while.

Meet and date other women

After a breakup, don’t be afraid to go out with friends and meet and date other women. This can have a powerful effect on how your ex girlfriend sees you. The idea is not to flaunt other women in your ex’s face. Instead, it’s about showing that you’re not desperate or needy. It’s about showing your ability to stay happy and confident and get on with your life with or without her.

Remember, when you are in a group and/or sought out by other women, you will be perceived as more important, more valuable, and more desirable than someone sitting at home feeling miserable and unhappy. This can prompt your ex to take action and contact you out of fear of losing you forever.

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