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Tea "Average joe" The gym is now a reality

The “Average Joe” gym is now a reality.

In one of the most memorable scenes in the Hollywood movie farce “Dodgeball,” Lance Armstrong casually comforts Vince Vaughn by assuring him, “I’m sure you must have a good reason for quitting.” History hails the “Average Joe” gym as a place where everyone can feel comfortable and really fit in without fear and intimidation from fanatics, egotists, or singles bar refugees. But now the concept of the conventional exercise environment is real. Far from struggling economically, they are taking the country by storm and taking the competition out of town! Not just imaginary gyms like “Globo Gym” from a screenwriter’s imagination, but strong, well-known organizations like Golds, and even the YMCA and JCC are being outmatched at their own game. Who is working this Main Street magic in small towns and metropolitan cities alike across America? There are some players, but without a doubt the king of the hill is Planet Fitness. They’ve been ridiculed for their pizza night and bagel morning, both gym staples. Planet has the dubious distinction of being labeled one of America’s “gentlest” hubs, right after Slimmons, Richard Simmons’ personal aerobic study. Despite this, the runaway business model is really making progress, with over 400 successful locations and literally more openings every day, this organization clearly has something great to offer.

What makes these New Age upstarts in the middle of the road tick? What are they doing to separate themselves from other gyms? First, there’s the catchphrase, “The Judgment Free Zone,” but the empty slogans are, well, just that. Closer inspection reveals the reality that this is truly a concept-driven institution built from the ground up. The equipment is easier to use with easy-to-interpret illustrations installed directly at each station. Miserable fees, typically between $ 10- $ 20. Per month you have no long-term contract for a basic membership, so literally anyone can afford to belong. Full-body high-tech circuit training is customized aerobically for the beginner, but resists plateau issues by using traditional resistance cable / weight stack machines (unlike a large national franchised studio just for women with a similar concept). A virtual sea of ​​aerobic machines greets the would-be better-toned. Clean, well-equipped locker rooms have replaced the athlete’s foot mold and cocktail found in many large non-profit organizations.

Business psychology is what changes the feeling of gyms the most. Fitness psychology is rarely discussed, but it is perhaps the most important aspect of getting and staying fit. It’s hard enough for the novice member trying to do the hard work of getting in shape. Add to the mix pesky fitness freaks roaming the gym, whether they’re simply nosy members, compensated trainers, or worse, unskilled staff members interrupting the novice participant with unsolicited advice. None of this is allowed at Planet Fitness (PF). The obvious reaction from the fitness fanatic crowd is “what about injury prevention?” It is true that the untrained participant performs many exercises incorrectly. However, it is the responsibility of that person to learn to train properly. Additionally, exercise injury statistics show that these minor shape defects are not actually likely to cause injury. Roughly 45 million Americans had a gym membership in 2009 *, but only 224 reported injuries with free weights and weight machines in emergency rooms throughout the year nationwide, according to administrators at Sports Insurance Risk Management at his latest article online **. Ironically, the treadmill was more than twice as dangerous (575 times) and is by far the most popular option among newcomers to the gym. The fitter upstart will be comfortable with the fact that most PF members look and act like themselves, are unfamiliar with intense training or weight lifting, and simply wish to dedicate some of their valuable time to improve your health. (author’s copyright 2010)


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