The entertainment industry is now totally dependent on the use of technology. Its objective was to face the challenges of the 21st century, which is why the adaptation of technology became inevitable. This adaptation was for the better because it also did a lot of good for the industry.

Reaching the global audience in the first place was made possible by advancement in technology. To some extent, technology flourished thanks to the entertainment industry. The advancement in graphics and animation technology is living proof. The animation industry certainly boomed due to growing popular demand. Cartoons are equally popular with children and adults. Animated movie makers are now trying to create a story that even the grown-ups can enjoy. All of this shows the power and potential of this industry and animation is a big part of this great industry.

This whole game takes a whole new level when it comes to movie making. Market share expands beyond borders. Blockbuster movies are released in nearly 100 different languages ​​and ultimately the revenue collection is simply through the roof. The SFX industry has also boomed in a very short period of time and resulted in a great deal of job creation. The need for technicians, professionals, and the latest gadgets has created a whole new industry. It is like the folds of the onion, layer after layer new industries emerge due to the emergence of the latest technologies. This shows the potential that the entertainment industry has and its increasing use in film making.

The latest sensation when it comes to the world of video games, the Wii, has created a huge fan base for an entirely new industry in the seventh generation game console. The number of people who opted for this form of entertainment also amazed the production companies. The reason why many explain its adaptation on a large scale is the size of the generation x for the latest devices and its proximity to them.

The use of technology in the recreation industry bodes very well. Anything that has entertainment value, its scope is beyond limits and boundaries. It quickly becomes a universal property because recreation itself is a universal concept. Technology has played a very important role in exploring the horizons of different recreational concepts. The socioeconomic impact of the recreation industry would not be as severe if it were not supported by technology. The use of technology has completely changed the meaning of recreation. Change is for the better, otherwise generations would have been deprived of what we have seen and what we will see in the future.

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