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The Americana Podcast will premiere on April 30, with interviews with musicians from the genre. The first episode will be with Jamestown Revival and Lucero. The rest of the episodes will be devoted to other artists. Each episode will focus on a different Americana genre, with an emphasis on storytelling. During the launch, Keen will talk to LORI MCKENNA about the inspiration behind her song “The Lonely Man.”

A Texas Country singer and songwriter, Robert Earl Keen has been putting Americana on the map since 1998. The first artist to be featured on the Americana Music Chart, Keen was on the cover of the radio trade magazine The Gavin Report. His guiding light has been paved with the help of producer Clara Rose. The best americana podcast was launched with episodes featuring Lucero and Jamestown Revival. His eponymous debut episode featured two Jamestown Revival songs.

In the first season, Keen talks to fellow Americana artists and musicians about their creative process. His guests include Lucero and Jamestown Revival, two pioneers of the genre. As an added bonus, the show will feature special episodes with musicians like Clara and Lucero, as well as a variety of Americana artists. The Americana Podcast: The 51st State will help you discover the richness of this genre.

The Best Americana Podcast

The 51st State is a platform that focuses on Americana music. It also features interviews with musicians. In this podcast, REK chats with musicians about their creative process, how they started and what happened afterward. You’ll be able to learn more about their stories and their struggles and triumphs as they share their story. The 51st State is an excellent addition to your listening library.

The Americana Podcast is an excellent resource for fans of the genre. The podcast is a great way to discover new artists, and the episodes can be a great way to learn about the music of the past and the future. It also helps to discover the genre’s history. The 51st State is one of the best places to find an Americana podcast. If you’re interested in this genre, listen to this show!

The 51st State is a great Americana podcast that explores the genre from a wide range of perspectives. The episodes are full of interviews with musicians from all over the world, and they’re a great way to hear about the history and future of the Americana genre. There are also special episodes of the music that highlight the unique sound of different artists. This is a great resource for fans of all types of music.

Another great Americana podcast is The 51st State. Part of the American Songwriter Podcast Network, The 51st State has reached 207k downloads in its first year. Its first episode features Brent Cobb. The podcast has been a huge success, with interviews with the singer-songwriter. Earlier episodes have featured artists from Lori McKenna, Lucero, and Todd Snider.

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