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The CISSP Online Exam

You can now take your CISSP online exam within the next week in the traditional exam format. Each examination will contain 250 questions and has a maximum time limit of six hours. The test is offered in English and available to U.S. based candidates only. Results from the online CISSP test are subject to the same statistical and analytical analyzer as the regular test center-based exams.

The first two sections of the CISSP Online Exam include an overview of the certification and examination process. The next two sections, a beginner’s guide and a practical test, enable you to develop a thorough understanding of the exam and prepare you for your real life flying environment. The beginner’s guide section introduces students to the terminology, skills, and procedural requirements of the exam. The practical test measures your reading, writing and speaking comprehension of the material covered in the summary of the CISSP Online Examination. The next two examinations, the strategic analyst and the operations specialist, test your knowledge of planning, organizing and commanding aviation operations in a safe and efficient manner.

The next scheduled test is the strategic analyst test, which assesses one’s analytical and operational skills. The operations specialist exam measures your knowledge of controlling and managing air traffic management, weather, and aircraft operations. The summary and strategic analyst tests are scheduled for May and November of the year, respectively. The CISSP online exam is valid for one year and after that you must clear the exams for a second year straight, or else you will be required to take a training course to re-certify.

Get Examination Certificate of CISSP Exam

The validity of the exam will be confirmed once you pass the first test, and then you will be required to take an examination for the second year straight. If you wish to take the online exam for CISSP Online Certifications in February of the year 2021, you will need to register with a CISSP Certifying Company before the exam date. Registration is free and does not require any payment. The company will send you a CISSP certificate after you have successfully completed the exam.

The certificate is valid for one year and after that you can apply for an upgrade or a recertification. There is a pass guarantee for the entire duration of the exam, including the preparation period. Students who register but fail to achieve a passing grade will be provided with an offer to retake the exam. The costs of the exam vary according to the level of certification you wish to achieve, with some courses costing hundreds of dollars. Students wishing to earn a professional certification as a pilot may also consider other flight schools offering their own Pass Plus program.

As with all exams, there is no sure way to predict how a question will be answered. The best way to prepare is to be familiar with the exam format and familiarize yourself with the different areas that a candidate might be asked to answer. If you are unsure about a question, you should consult the CISSP website for guidance in answering any questions that you are unsure about. The certification exam for the CISSP is scheduled for a total of four hours and is administered onsite at the Cisco Training Center.

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