Lice are an infestation that almost every home has had to deal with at least once in their life. Just talking about lice has us wanting to scratch our heads because of that phantom itch. And if our kids come home from school with a ‘confirmed head lice’ letter from the school nurse, we feel like screaming the house. Lice are definitely a threat, but they don’t justify burning down the house (or even the mattresses). There are ways to combat the infestation without going crazy.
What methods to use to combat an infestation?
Well, first of all, don’t buy any over-the-counter products. These shampoos and conditioners consist of toxic chemicals like permethrin, DEET, etc. that are harmful to our children. On the other hand, lice have become resistant to these and other pesticides that are used. Instead of only harming our children and not the lice with these; use natural products. There are known and certified Natural Treatments for Lice that you can use and eliminate lice permanently, without harming children in the least.
How to do this naturally?
The best way to combat an infestation is to use the method our mothers used. Typically, this included lathering their hair with oil, then using a fine-tooth comb to manually comb through it. However, this pulled our hair out and made us run away instead of sitting still and letting her do her job. You can use this method, but do it better so your kids don’t get so worked up. Wash your hair first, this makes them smoother and they pull less. Next, apply conditioner and comb through hair strand by strand with a steel nit comb. It would work even better if you use Lice Shampoo and Lice Conditioner. Make sure these are made up of natural ingredients and essential oils. If you buy a good Natural Lice Treatment Pack, it will also include a leave-in toner. Put it in your children’s hair to make sure lice stay away. It also catches lice that you may have missed when picking the nits.
Other natural lice removal methods
Many people have claimed that suffocating lice is an effective way to get rid of them. Items such as garlic, salt, olive oil, baby oil, coconut oil, petroleum jelly, tea tree oil, white vinegar, sesame seed oil, and mayonnaise have been used for the same. The basic procedure is the same for all of these. Making a mixture for the solids, or using the oils as they are, we lather the infested person’s hair and then cover their head with a shower cap. The oil (or mixture) is then left overnight. Lice breathe through pores on their bodies and the oil clogs them, effectively suffocating them. The next day, wash hair with regular/lice shampoo and wet comb with a fine tooth comb. Although many people claim that these methods work, doctors recommend not relying entirely on them.

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