“The first thing you should pay attention to is the price of renting an apartment in the UK. Ask a few more houses and compare them, generally, houses close to the school will be about 1/4 more expensive, and houses near the city centre will also be more expensive. The second point is the location. Choose the one close to the school or the one close to the city centre and the main traffic road. The third point is security, security and price are also closely related. In fact, all the major London newspapers have property listings pages with very detailed information, some with photographs. Calling the listings in the newspapers usually only gets you in touch with the agent, not the landlord directly.

As a Leeds student accommodation, you can also contact your school’s Housing Office and ask for a Housing List. I. You can also find rental information on UK study forums in China. Some international students who are about to graduate will post their housing information on BBS, and most of these houses are due for lease in August or September. Secondly, pick a landlord by checking the metro map and circle the houses within two metro stops of your school first, then compare the rent. The list of houses has the landlord’s phone number.

Useful tips for renting in Leeds

When you call, explain where you got the information about the property for rent, indicate to the landlord that you are interested in seeing it, and finally make an appointment with the landlord to meet. Some landlords will ask for specific details when they call, such as where you are from, where you are studying, how many people are there, etc. Just answer truthfully. The landlord basically asks you to meet him directly at the house, so it is best to ask the landlord to spell out the important names of places so as to avoid taking the wrong path to find them. There are a few things to look for in a student accommodation Leeds, apart from personal preference.

Is it double-glazed? Because living and studying in the UK, it is colder outside in winter, so double glazing is better to keep you warm. Is the water in the shower gas or electric? Gas is better because it is much cheaper than electricity. Is the room fully furnished? Are there all the appliances in the kitchen? How old or new are they? How many bathrooms are there? These are all things to consider. Finally, how much do you pay for electricity, gas, telephone and internet? As most of the houses on the Housing List do not include these fees, you must find out from the landlord how to pay these fees and the starting date of the fees. Once you have decided on a flat, you will need to sign a contract with your landlord. Many websites will provide rental contracts, so it is best to visit these websites before signing the contract to understand the obligations of the landlord and the tenant. Students, you must read and consider more before you rent an apartment and weigh up the options.”

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