“There are many things to pay attention to when renting London student accommodation in London. Xiaobai is the most likely to accidentally fall into the trap of student accommodations. Where will the fraudulent landlords of London student accommodation start? Everyone should be prepared for prevention.

No deposit required for studying in the UK
Some landlords seem to be very kind and do not require tenants to pay deposits, but they must provide a “”Guarantor””. These guarantees are likely to be unfavorable to the tenant at the end of the lease contract. The landlord will use the terms on the “”guarantee”” to make the tenant pay a large amount of “”maintenance fees”” that are actually unnecessary.

Tear up receipt
Some fraudulent landlords will ask tenants to send money to them through transfer services, such as the transfer service of Western Union Bank, and tell the tenants that this is the best proof that they will definitely rent the house. Then these landlords will ask the tenants to give a transfer receipt, and then successfully withdraw the money through the transfer information and then disappear.

Hidden Fees
A lot of money is collected without the tenant’s knowledge, such as the rental inspection fee (Tenancy Inspection), the landlord “forgot” to tell the tenant that there is such a charge, which can make many tenants “immediately in debt” .

Unprotected deposit
Some unscrupulous landlords try to avoid paying tenants’ rent to the “”student accommodation deposit scheme””, and they withhold the money so that they can find ways to deduct it when the contract ends. Although the government has already introduced the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme (Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme) for student accommodation London, withholding of deposits is the main problem faced by many tenants. One in four landlords and one in five tenants are ignorant of this scheme .

In addition to affordability, location is another crucial factor in student accommodation. Living close to campus can save students commuting time and expenses, enabling them to dedicate more time to their studies and participate in campus activities. Many universities and colleges offer on-campus housing options, providing convenient access to academic facilities, libraries, and student services. However, the availability of on-campus housing may be limited, leading students to explore off-campus alternatives.

Empty house money
Some fraudulent landlords managed to knock down empty houses that were not occupied, and recommended it to “”convinced”” customers that it was their house, and then ran away with the money after the tenant paid the deposit.

Recommendations for student accommodation in London

Houses in and around Baker Street are usually older, but in good condition. The rental price is relatively expensive. Waterloo and Westminster are the most convenient, posh, and most expensive places. This is a good living area near Canada Water. Along the river, there are supermarkets, movie theaters, retail parks, etc. It is very convenient to live and relatively economical. There are many new houses in the area of Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs, and the riverside scenery is very good. There are many bars along the river, there are convenient movie theaters, and the house price is slightly more expensive than Canada Water. Some parts of London seem to have convenient transportation, but they are not suitable for living and unsafe areas. Typical ones are Elephant and Carstle and Canning Town, as well as parts of London bridge.

That’s all for some key prevention issues about London student accommodation. The comfort of living abroad is still very important, so try to avoid unnecessary troubles. I hope you can study and live happily.”

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