Occasionally I hear or read about someone who thinks that starting the nutrisystem diet made something happen in their life. Once such an example is yeast infections.

Someone might ask, “In the past, I’ve had serious problems with yeast infections. By being careful about my diet and taking preventative measures, I’ve almost got this under control. I’ve been on the program for almost a month now, and I’m happy with it.” my weight loss, but I have a yeast infection and I wonder if the diet caused it.

That’s hard to say because Nutrisystem is actually glycemic friendly and pretty low in sugar. And frankly, I’m not a doctor, but when I get a yeast infection, it’s usually because I’ve gone too far with sugar. But that’s just my experience. Nutrisystem makes use of sugar alcohols to keep blood sugar low. So if you’re sensitive to that, then that may be the culprit.

Also, you are asked to add fresh and healthy side dishes. Because fruits are often preferred over vegetables, many people eat more fruit than normal on this diet. If you are someone who knows that a certain fruit can give you an infection, take a look at your sides and see if you are including too much of any particular food.

It might also be a good idea to make sure you choose low-glycemic fruits with lower amounts of natural sugars like blueberries or blackberries. I am not aware of any particular ingredient in the diet that can cause a yeast infection.

I suspect it’s more of a change in the way you’re eating. With a little detective work, you can hopefully isolate what it is and then modify it. And, as I’m sure you already know, it’s very important to continue with those preventative measures like wiping from front to back, not wearing tight underwear, making sure your underwear is cotton, and urinating and drinking water after intercourse.

Many people find that their body adjusts to the diet fairly quickly. Changes to your diet can affect your body at times. But I hope this problem will be short-lived. I know firsthand that yeast infections are no fun. But I think if you’re careful, you can be on nutrisystem and still avoid those foods that have been triggers for you in the past. The key is knowing which foods are affecting you. I suspect it’s most likely the sides you’re adding, but I’m certainly not an expert and would suggest reaching out to one of the advisors.

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