There is nothing more romantic than buying a special piece of jewelry. Choosing a piece of jewelry is always a special occasion, whether it’s a pair of gold wedding bands engraved with a personal message inside, a diamond eternity ring for your first wedding anniversary, or a sapphire and diamond-encrusted pendant for your wife. celebrate it. the birth of her first baby. There are many reasons why you should have a custom-made piece, rather than simply choosing to buy something from your local chain jewelry store:

1) Originality

Having a custom made piece of jewelery will mean that it is one of a kind, making it very special and something to treasure for years to come. Most of the rings at local jewelry stores will have been mass produced, so your ready-made ring is simply one of hundreds or even thousands being made. With chain jewelry stores across the country replicating their jewelry designs across the country, you might even find that someone you know has the same ring as you.

2) Personalize and improve your favorite design

Opting for bespoke jewelry means you can tailor a design to your precise requirements. You may have fallen in love with a design you saw in a jewelry store or online, but by having the same design custom made, you can enhance the design by making a few subtle changes. Maybe you’d like the center diamond to be a little larger, or the band to be platinum instead of gold, or the diamonds on the sides to be princess cut instead of round. With custom made jewelry, the only limits are your own imagination.

3) Cost advantages

You have found the perfect jewelry design in an online store or a local jewelry store. You absolutely don’t want to make any changes to it, so why should you have that custom layout? The answer is that by choosing the right custom jewelry designer, you could buy that same piece of jewelry at a lower price. You need to find a custom jewelry designer who operates out of a workshop, rather than an expensive retail store. Keeping overhead low means that these companies can offer jewelry-equivalent pieces, while offering first-class personalized service.

4) Knowledgeable

Shop assistants at many local jewelry stores are generally not as knowledgeable about their product. Those involved in jewelry making will have had many years of jewelry training, so they know their subject inside out. Jewelery artisans such as these will be able to offer advice on all aspects of jewelery shopping, such as the advantages of choosing one metal over another and which diamonds offer the best value for money.

5) Business contacts

Local jewelry stores will not have the business contacts that a custom jewelry designer operating in the jewelry trade will have. An experienced custom jewelry company will be able to source diamonds and other gemstones from around the world for the best prices for their customers.

6) Crafts

Choose a custom jeweler who operates in a well-known jewelery manufacturing area, for example Hatton Garden in London in the UK, Cordoba in Spain, or Antwerp in Belgium. Jewelry is a highly specialized craft, with different craftsmen specializing in different areas. Choosing someone in a specialized jewelery making area means that the best master craftsmen will be readily available locally to complete every stage of the manufacture. This ensures that your piece of jewelery is produced to the highest standards. In contrast, the quality of manufacturing is extremely variable at local jewelers, and many pieces are produced in low-cost locations around the world, such as India, China, and Thailand, where quality control is not a high priority. Compounding this problem, lightweight sales assistants can’t tell good quality from poor quality.

7) 3D or CAD Computer Aided Design

The main problem with custom made or custom jewelry is that the customer is not sure what it will look like once it is made. Since jewelry is such a big purchase, isn’t it too risky to have something personalized? The answer to this is to choose a custom made jewelry designer who specializes in 3D or CAD computer aided design. A 3D jewelry computer-aided design specialist will create your unique 3D jewelry design on the computer and generate a series of images or ‘renderings’ of the piece. Amazingly, those images look like real photos, so the customer can see the piece exactly how it will look when it’s finished. He will be able to see your ring from different angles, allowing him to make any changes at the design stage, before the ring is put into production and changes become much more difficult. Your ring will then be produced directly from the computer file, so what you see on screen is exactly what you’ll get. This is not a service you’ll find at most local jewelry stores, even those that offer personalized services.

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