What makes a good girl attracted to a bad boy? He grew up in a safe and secure home. Great parents, and he had a wonderful social structure. What went wrong? How did she end up dating a guy who is the OPPOSITE of everything she was set up to be? He just didn’t seem like the “kind” of girl who would want to be with that “kind” of boy. This is where the ‘dual’ side begins to take shape.

Perhaps the girl who is now a young girl or a grown woman was not allowed to flourish emotionally and mentally. Your individuality may have been repressed or stifled. She was only allowed to present the personality that was acceptable to those responsible for raising her. He resigned himself to dating tips and advice designed to foster success in relationships. Actually, she has not been prepared for REAL LIFE. Relationships rarely go the way of fairy tales. Wrenches can get in your way and a guy who introduced himself as Prince Charming can turn into a frog.

A good girl dating a ‘bad boy’ may find passion, lust, adventure, and the desire to live with reckless abandon. Family and friends arm themselves with advice and relationship advice that seem to keep in a blessed bottle, ready to douse the ‘good girl’. Sort of reminiscent of a priest exorcising demons. The girl is forced to struggle with all these problems in her chosen relationship. The opposite side has already evolved.

The fact that his family does not welcome the ‘bad boy’ puts pressure on the union. He may not fit into her social circle and she may find him an embarrassment at times. The dual personality ends up in conflict. The bad boy makes her feel great sexually and she can be really comfortable with him because his expectations of her are not high. His standards are quite low and he feels lucky to have such an elegant and well-mannered woman to show off. She dates him because he satisfies her sexual needs and desires. She has mastered her sexual techniques and the ‘good girl’ to explore sex with abandon. Your dual nature is in full effect.

An intense relationship is exhibited, and the ‘good girl’ chooses which dual nature to present in any given situation. It’s the way to preserve family ties and keep the ‘bad boy’ in your life. Behind closed doors, what does the ‘bad boy’ see? Gone was the pious and shy young woman who captured his attention. Now she has grown into a defiant woman who is determined to have a greater connection with him. He wants the ‘bad boy’ to satisfy all his unmet needs and wants. He is the one who really knows your heart. He knows the “other” side of her that no one else could imagine existed.

Bad boys are often, but not always, financially unproductive, reckless, unstable in their relationships, prone to cheating, and prone to having children with more than one woman. The ‘good girl’ just can’t seem to get away from all the unpleasant aspects of her life. She stays because he values ​​what she brings to the relationship in terms of stability. Financial and non-financial. She makes him ‘look good’. Now there is structure in your life in terms of goals and a future together. You can even earn the respect of family and friends.

A life stagnant by routines with the kind of man it was meant for is now a thing of the past. She can breathe. Some bad words are now part of her vocabulary, but that comes with dating a bad boy. Life is full of unexpected and you love it. There is that sense of excitement and risk that your dual nature has been craving. I believe there is duality in all of us. But to what extent should this duality be unleashed? Here are dating tips and advice for good girls dating bad guys.

1. If you are dating a man who is out of your league, make sure you find your balance. Not all bad guys are really bad. Make sure it has other positive characteristics that you can work with. If he’s a negative character, involved in negative things, then it’s only a matter of time before the side of you that WANTS that bad boy takes over your psyche. The ‘good girl’ in you could lose her way.

2. Relationships with bad guys shouldn’t be scary or dangerous. If you find yourself in questionable circumstances, walk away while you can. The emotion experienced will eventually manifest into FEAR.

3. Is it controlling, violent, or scary to be around when upset? All of these are harbingers of the worst to come. If loving him doesn’t help, love yourself more and start over.

4. Great sex, infatuation, excitement, freedom, will fade with time. As you mature and want more out of life, the ‘bad boy’ may not look so good anymore. I believe that two people in a relationship, or married, must grow and mature. If one does and the other does not progress, it could spell disaster for a bright and prosperous future.

5. It is also not a bad idea for the ‘bad boy’ to enter the world of the ‘good girl’. Teach him what you know and he, too, can make adjustments for the greater good. But make sure the bedroom bully in it remains intact. After all, it’s one of the things you love about him.

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