Okay, you have been building your website for over a month and you were hoping that Google would already index it. However, to your disappointment, the website has not yet been indexed. When you type your site name into the search engine … nothing. That’s frustrating because internet users can’t find your site. Your site, in essence, is missing. However, what if you could have the site indexed in Google in weeks or even days or 24 hours? Does it seem too good to be true? It’s possible!

What should you do to get indexed faster?

Many people suggest that you should link your site to Google using the AddLink form. Unfortunately, this never works. The reason is that the registry is not checked for weeks or even months because Google is too busy. Therefore, you better forget about the link of the registration form in Google.

What can you do to get indexed quickly by Google?

There are actually several things you should try, each of which is quite effective and can help you get your site indexed in less than 24 hours. Try them all together and you will see what the positive effects will be.

1) Have a link from another site to your new website! Therefore, we must try other ways of doing it.

One of the easiest ways is to log into a high page rank forum and start posting. You don’t need to do a lot of posts, just a few quality items will suffice. Put a link to your website in the signature. Search engine robots will see it immediately and start indexing your website.

You must also add your site at digg.com and cubestat.com. To send it to cubestat you just have to type in your browser cubestat.com/www.yoursite.com, this will create a backlink to your site that Google will crawl very fast.

Another simple way to do this is to go to a blog to post a comment. This should be careful not to look like comment spam. Write a smart comment, as blog owners will know that you are not a bot, but only an ordinary person cares about the blog topic, even if the link is nofollow, don’t bother, Google will check your link, but do it. will do. it does not improve your pagerank.

2) Create an external blog Blogs are very popular on Google. So much so that they are actually indexed very quickly. Google can index a blog post in less than 24 hours. You can go to any free site like blogspot.com and create a blog there. Then you can write some posts and sometimes you leave a link to your site in them. Hopefully the Google search engine will index your site quickly enough.

3) Add your blog site.

Adding a blog to your site can be more effective than creating an external blog or posting to forums. There is free software like WordPress that allows you to add your blog to your site quickly and easily. Then you can add some quality posts.

Ping his blog at pingomatic.com

What does this mean?

Get more links to your site. This means that when the Google bot sees a link to your site, it will take you to your website and crawl it. Links, as you know, almost always improve search engine rankings because they are more likely to make spiders visit your site. So, don’t ignore these links and their role in faster indexing of your site.

The third method for faster Google indexing, you should benefit from Google indexing blogs faster than normal sites. By adding a blog to your site, you open the site so that Google will index it faster than normal. This is probably the most important method, so be sure to use one to correct it.

PS: try to write a good article send it to EzineArticles, put your link in the author’s signature and I guarantee that it will be indexed in a maximum of 36 hours.

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