The design of the Garmin Nuvi 2539LMT is similar to that of conventional 5-inch vehicle GPS units. The unit is heavier and thicker than a normal smartphone. The bezels are thick and one side displays the company logo. It is better to use the GPS in landscape mode. But there is also an option to use it in portrait mode. The screen resolution value is 480 X 272 and the polished glass screen gives it a stylish look. The glass screen is capacitive and the device looks better compared to other entry-level models in this segment. The responsiveness of the screen is good and allows frequent interactions with ease. You can also use the Pinch to Zoom feature to enlarge the maps on the screen.

The navigator comes with full map coverage of North America. Users also receive free lifetime map updates along with traffic information. The free traffic feature shows the fastest route between two locations. You can quickly discover areas with heavy traffic and choose alternative ways. This function saves a lot of time in city traffic. The Foursquare integration is another useful app on this unit. It displays search results for a particular place with a large number of listings. Foursquare has a rich database of the latest points of interest. The advantage of Foursquare is that it works without an Internet connection. For example, you can drive to a new city and have immediate access to gas stations, emergency services, or popular restaurants.

Real Directions and Direct Access are two features that enhance the navigation experience. Real Directions uses nearby landmarks for voice-based navigation. As a result, spoken instructions are easier to understand. The shortcut mode shows the exact location of the most popular points of interest. Allows quick identification of entry points for shopping malls, parking lots, and other important locations such as airports.

It is easy to choose the correct exit lane on roads when using the active lane guidance function. Another feature called a bird’s eye view shows a real-time aerial image of upcoming road intersections. You can also activate the Photo-Real Junction mode which uses high-quality graphics to display routes at complex road junctions. The Up Ahead feature provides speed alerts for school zones and other useful information such as the closest gas stations, restrooms, and restaurants for a particular route. With an additional wireless backup camera, the GPS can also function as a rear view mirror.

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