Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for a guy to tell a girl that he loves her. Saying it in a few words is not enough. A gift establishes the thought and expression of love.

Give her something that stays with her and reminds her of her feelings at all times. It can be a clock, a painting, a teddy bear, a personalized pillow or a personal mug with your image on it. However, nothing can match Valentine’s Day flower delivery where you receive the most enchanting surprise in the form of a beautiful bouquet right on your doorstep.

Give her something to eat following the saying that one way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Give away chocolates or cake. However, the memory will be short-lived. Gift her a beautiful red rose that unequivocally tells about your love for her. Better yet, get a completely custom red rose bouquet to your design and have it delivered. Women love red roses and all the emotions that accompany these flowers.

A gift like a mantelpiece or painting is a great way to remind her or tell her that you love her and that she should love her back. Make it better with a bouquet of beautiful yellow roses that show your affection and invite her to be your lifelong friend. Guys who are shy about expressing their love for a girl will find this an icebreaker. Lavender roses, if you can order them from a specialized florist, also signify love at first sight and the charm you feel for her. Another way to express love at first sight is to give just a rose without thorns.

You may want to express a thought about being together all the time, throughout life. A gift like a heart pendant necklace could indicate your intentions. Instead, gift your bouquet of red and white roses that signify togetherness and unity. Flowers speak the language of the heart and a woman will instinctively understand what you want to say. This is ideal when you have reached a stage where you have a more serious intention.

The number of roses in a bouquet has its own language. One can exemplify the utmost devotion, while two signify that he wishes to marry her. Six roses say you need to be appreciated, so forget it and gift her a bouquet of eleven which means she is deeply loved. After all, if you give him just one rose on one stem, he may misinterpret and think that you are parsimonious. A beautiful bouquet obtained from a custom florist is the way to go for Valentine’s Day. The flowers fade but the memory will last a lifetime. Give her other things of course, but don’t forget to order her flowers. Take her out for the day or night, but have a bouquet on hand to give her when you meet.

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