The problem with most guys when it comes to dating girls is that they are seen as the proverbial “nice guy.” Here’s the deal: being the good guy won’t get you laid! Have you ever wondered why bad boys seem to be able to seduce girls so easily? Therefore, you must become a bad boy if you ever have the ambition to attract women who seem out of your league. Read on to discover the killer techniques for being a bad boy and having superpowers on dates…

“- Confuse her.” The most important thing to keep in mind is that the more disconcerting a girl finds you, the more fascinating you will seem to her. This has a lot to do with the fact that women (like most men) love a challenge. If there is something about you that is disconcerting or confusing, girls will instantly be more attracted to you.

“- Emotional Foundations”. This particular step is easy. You would need to develop an emotional center to stay sensitive when you are chasing a girl. I would need to have the ability to handle things and move on. Rejection, acceptance and whatever else happens is not important at all. The desired result of this emotional balance is that he will continually seek to be calm, collected, and in control, all of which are traits that women love in a man.

“- Lower your defenses.” If you can tell him one thing, but show him the opposite, you will surely succeed in this game. If you can, make him think you really like him, but say no. Confusion and bewilderment will impulsively draw her to you like bees to honey. Why this works is easy: Confuse her and her mind will immediately try to find closure and determine what her feelings really are. This technique alone can save you a lot of time as she will be the one chasing you.

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