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Weight Loss Diet Plan – Jason Hunter’s Carb Rotation Diet Plan

Diet plans come and go, but it really says something when a plan has staying power, that means it’s working for people. The Carb Rotation Diet Plan, created by Jason Hunter, falls into this category. As a registered dietitian, Jason has the nutritional credentials to provide dieters with the kind of plan that works quickly and effectively.

First of all, it has divided the plan into two parts: one for men and one for women.

The female version is called: The Dramatic Dress Size Reduction Diet

The male version is called: Get Rid of My Gut Diet

This makes sense, because men and women tend to gain and maintain weight in different parts of the body. Women primarily want to lose unwanted fat in the hips, thighs, and waist, while men want to get rid of that belly fat that can grow to enormous proportions.

Because of his nutrition education, Jason spends some time in his book, teaching you how to stay fit and healthy for the long haul. I truly believe this is important information that needs to be repeated constantly, as most people experience the disappointment of losing weight and then gaining it back. It doesn’t have to be this way if you learn how your body really works with food.

The carbohydrate rotation diet consists of following a weekly meal plan that uses calorie cycling to achieve the desired weight loss. Every three days, the amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you eat will change. Some days you will eat low carb meals, some days you will eat high carb meals, and other days you will eat meals with no carbs at all.

Because there are so many foods you can eat that are included in each cycle, you won’t starve yourself from the foods that fill you up. In fact, Jason believes that starving yourself to lose weight is a method of losing weight. The body responds to starvation by retaining calories, the exact opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve.

You should avoid any diet that makes you eat like a rabbit for several days in a row (the cabbage soup diet, for example), because you will burn out very quickly, so you have a good chance of going back to all your habits. favorite fatty foods to offset the feeling of hunger.

This diet is for people who can faithfully follow a detailed 30-day meal plan and are ready to get serious about their food choices and nutritional health. Calorie cycling is a proven weight loss method that works, and you can easily learn how to do it at home.


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